Real-World Quantum Applications at Business Scale

Our singular focus is helping customers succeed. Our customers have built quantum applications in diverse areas such as resource scheduling, mobility, logistics, drug discovery, portfolio optimization, manufacturing processes, and much more.


Multiverse and BBVA Optimized a Portfolio for a 60% ROI at Lower Risk

Managing financial portfolios to achieve maximum reward at the lowest possible risk is a feat of staggering complexity. See how D-Wave's quantum technology can help.

“I’ve seen a real transition in published papers from ‘toy’, model-type problems, to real commercial products…I think we’re really reaching that breaking point where quantum computing is becoming something the industry can derive value from.”

Sam Mugel — CTO at Multiverse Computing
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Menten AI Battles COVID-19 with Quantum Peptide Therapeutics

Computational protein design (CPD) involves astronomically large search problems that exceed the capabilities of even the largest supercomputers. Menten AI is starting to revolutionize protein design by mapping problems onto quantum computers and addressing the scalability challenges that limit classical approaches. The hybrid approach has already resulted in better, faster solutions.

“Using hybrid quantum applications, we’re able to solve astronomical protein design problems. We’ve seen extremely encouraging results, with quantum hybrid procedures often finding better solutions than competing classical solvers for de novo protein design. This means we can create better proteins and ultimately enable new drug discoveries.”

Hans Melo — CEO and Co-Founder at Menten AI
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Groovenauts and Mitsubishi Estate Optimized Waste Collection to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 57%

Groovenauts and Mitsubishi Estate used D-Wave's quantum technology to create more sustainable cities through optimized waste management and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

“Utilizing quantum annealing, the route for collecting waste, currently requiring a distance of about 2,300 km, was optimized and reduced to just 1,000 km. As a result, CO2 emissions would be reduced by approximately 57%, and the number of vehicles reduced by approximately 59%.”

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