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The Most Connected and Powerful Quantum Computer Built for Business

The Advantage™ system is the first and only quantum computer designed for business. Our 5th generation Advantage quantum computer was built from the ground up with a new processor architecture with over 5,000 qubits and 15-way qubit connectivity, empowering enterprises to solve their largest and most complex business problems.

Performance Update

Only one year after launching Advantage, the performance update includes a newly fabricated QPU for even better business performance.

  • Larger and More Complex Problems

    More qubits and couplers enabled for more problem types

  • Higher Quality Answers Faster

    Get optimal solutions 2x faster on certain problem types

  • More Precision

    Better solutions with lower energy

  • Available in Leap

    Available today via the Leap quantum cloud service

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Re-Engineered and Re‑Imagined

Advantage is the most powerful and connected quantum computer in the world. It has 2.5x more connections and more than double the number of qubits than the D-Wave 2000Q system, our previous generation quantum computer. Advantage is completely re-designed to be faster, more efficient, and to solve larger and more complex problems at the pace of business. 

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Real Business Value

Advantage is the first and only quantum computer that enables customers to develop and run real-world, in-production quantum applications at scale in the cloud. Using Advantage, customers benefit from improved performance over classical approaches for many important real-world problems. The Advantage quantum computer is 30x faster and delivers equal or better solutions 94% of the time compared to our previous generation system.

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"Using D-Wave quantum computers, we've been able to solve real protein design problems on quantum hardware."

Hans Melo, Co-Founder & CEO of Menten AI
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Real-World Sized, Production Applications

The Advantage quantum computer incorporates two decades of experience and over ten years of feedback from our customers. Every design decision was made to help users gain business advantage for real-world problems. D-Wave’s hybrid solver service, available through the Leap quantum cloud service and powered by Advantage, can run problems with up to 100,000 constraints and up to 1,000,000 variables on sparse problems and up to 20,000 variables on dense problems. Whether dense or sparse, it delivers excellent solutions to business-sized problems, often outperforming classical approaches.

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Hardware and Software: Better Together

We are the only full-stack provider of both the systems and software needed for the whole quantum journey. With Advantage and our hybrid quantum-classical solvers available in Leap, businesses can run larger, more complex problems and get better solutions across broader problem classes.

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More Connectivity

Higher connectivity and more compact embeddings mean better quality solutions on larger, more complex problems.



A world-class annealing quantum processor design with continued growth in qubits, connectivity, and coherence.

1 Million


Built to support real-world size applications with up to 1 million variables and 100,000 constraints via our quantum-classical hybrid solver service in Leap.

Redefining Power

Advantage is the only quantum computer built for business.

  • Real World Sized In Production

    Real-World Sized, In-Production Applications

    Our customers have developed more than 250+ early applications on multiple generations of our quantum systems. There are now in-production hybrid quantum applications in protein design, resource scheduling, traffic routing, and more, all powered by Advantage.

  • Word Class Processor

    World-Class Processor Architecture, Topology, and Circuit Fabrication

    Higher connectivity, more compact embeddings, and shorter chain lengths enable solutions to more complex problems at enterprise scale. Our continued investments in connectivity, higher yields, and overall chip performance deliver better results for real-world business problems.

  • Performance

    Full Stack Ecosystem for Business Performance

    D-Wave's hardware, software, and tools ecosystem were built to work better together: from the chip and post-processing to the Ocean tools and hybrid solvers, customers see the performance benefit from full-stack engineering integration.

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