A Practical Approach to Quantum Computing

Our philosophy is to build products and services that accelerate developers' time-to-value and help enterprises solve complex business problems that deliver business value today.

Customer Advantage: Building Real Business Value

At D-Wave, we don’t view quantum computing as tomorrow’s technology. In fact, when it comes to delivering business value for real-world optimization problems, the technology is ready today.

D-Wave's enterprise customers have built hundreds of quantum applications across a broad spectrum of industries, including solving business problems at production scale to gain significant ROI.


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Quantum Annealing: Built for Optimization at Scale

Annealing quantum computing outperforms other approaches such as gate model when it comes to complex optimization problems. This is because annealing avoids the significant pre-processing overhead associated with QAOA/gate-based approaches, is much more tolerant of errors and noise, and can scale to enterprise problem size.

Benchmarks of quantum annealing compared with gate-model systems and non-quantum optimization programs provide a unique view for how powerful quantum annealing systems are at solving today’s optimization problems.

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Go From Problem Discovery to Deployment with D-Wave Launch

Ready to get started but not sure how? D-Wave Launch is the on-board to quantum computing. It has been designed to help enterprises go from problem discovery through production implementation.

Connect with D-Wave
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Problem Discovery 01

Problem Discovery

Identify the best use case for quantum

Proof Of Concept 01

Quantum Proof of Concept

Develop a quantum PoC and prototype application

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Production Pilot

Do a limited production-scale deployment

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Get your application up and running in production

A Path to Gate-Model and Cross-Platform Quantum Access

Just like with quantum annealing, our gate-model program is focused on the vision of delivering a working technology at a scale that will bring value to industrial customers. Our nearly 20 years of experience in pioneering superconducting quantum annealing systems is the backbone of our ability to build scalable gate-model quantum computing technology in a multi-layer fabrication stack.

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We Are The Practical Quantum Computing Company


Our singular focus is to help customers achieve clear customer value by using a quantum computer in practical, business applications.


From the beginning, D-Wave has been hyper-focused on following the fastest path to practical, real-world applications.


We are the only quantum computing company solving customer problems helping them to achieve real business value.


We offer a full-stack of systems, software, developer tools, and services to enable enterprises, governments, laboratories, and academics to access the power of quantum computing.