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Ocean™ software is a suite of open source Python tools accessible via the Ocean software development kit (SDK) in GitHub. Ocean empowers developers to experiment, rapidly develop, and harness the power of Advantage™ quantum computers and quantum-classical hybrid solvers to solve complex problems.

A Quantum Software Architecture and Ecosystem

For quantum computing, as for classical, solving a problem requires that it be formulated in a way the computer and its software understand. The Ocean SDK includes a suite of open source Python tools on the D-Wave GitHub repository for solving hard problems with quantum computers. The software stack implements the computations needed to transform an arbitrarily posed problem to a form suitable for a quantum solver.

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Welcome Quantum Pioneer

Just as the classical computing world needed a software ecosystem to build a broad community of application developers and users, the quantum computing world does as well. D-Wave and its customers, new quantum software companies, and independent developers are developing system software, higher-level tools, and applications that leverage the power of D-Wave quantum computers, all with Ocean.

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Accelerate Quantum Development with Ocean

The Ocean software fits between applications and the compute resources.

  • Application

    The original problem in its context (the “problem space”) including application data and a clearly defined goal. For example, a circuit-fault diagnosis application in chip manufacturing requires identifying the minimum set of failed logic gates in a circuit. 

  • Mapping Methods

    Tools that translate the application goal and data into a problem form suitable for quantum computing. They also receive solution samples and translate them back into solutions for the application layer. For example, dwave_networkx helps map structural imbalance analysis into a BQM. 

  • Uniform Sampler API

    Abstraction layer that represents the problem in a form that can access the selected sampler. 

  • Compute Resources

    The processing hardware on which the problem is solved. This might be a D-Wave QPU but it may also be the CPU of your laptop computer. 

  • Samplers

    Tools that receive a problem in the form of a BQM or DQM and return solution samples. Ocean implements several samplers that use the D-Wave QPU as well as classical compute resources. You can use Ocean tools to customize a D-Wave sampler, create your own, or use existing classical ones. 

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The future comes with a manual. Get started quickly and ramp up fast on your quantum skills with robust documentation, real code examples, demos, libraries, templates, and more.

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