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Quantum in Life Sciences

Drug discovery is a high-risk, high-reward field, where a blockbuster therapy can deliver life-changing clinical benefits to millions of patients and generate billions of dollars in profit—but more than 90% of new drug development efforts ultimately prove fruitless. Quantum computing can help pharma and biotech companies to stack the odds in their favor.

Delivering Real Business Value Today

Large pharma companies like GlaxoSmithKline and emerging biotech companies like Menten AI and POLARISqb are already exploring how D-Wave quantum hybrid technology can enable faster and more efficient computer-aided drug design. Quantum computing can also contribute to other scientific and operational aspects of the life sciences industry, offering a way to replace inefficient trial-and-error processes with an automated, engineering-based approach.

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Unlock Your New Competitive Edge

Quantum computing has the potential to radically impact life sciences and healthcare. The most forward-thinking organizations have already gotten started. Industry associations like the Pistoia Alliance and QuPharm are working to advance this transformation.

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According to industry associations, 82% of life science organizations agreed that quantum computing will have a commercial impact within the next decade.

Built for Optimization Across the Value Chain

Quantum computers, especially quantum annealing systems like D-Wave’s, are well-suited to deliver optimal solutions to combinatorial optimization problems with large numbers of variables and constraints.

These powerful computing capabilities can potentially be leveraged to tackle thorny problems at many stages of the drug development process. This includes crunching ‘big data’ from clinical studies to guide precision medicine efforts for various diseases or identifying and optimizing chemical compounds with promising therapeutic properties.

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Make Quantum Part of Your Digital Strategy

D-Wave offers a phased, consultative approach that guides manufacturing enterprises along their quantum journey to ensure demonstrable success and early proven ROI. Get started with quantum computing today by working with us on use case identification, problem exploration and formulation, and building real-world in-production quantum applications.

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Ready to Launch Your Quantum Project?

D-Wave Launch™ is designed to help enterprises go from problem discovery to production implementation and accelerate the quantum journey. Engage our in-house professional services teams and technical domain experts to help kick off your first quantum project, train your teams on quantum, and realize real business value faster.

Get Started with D-Wave Launch
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Problem Discovery

Identify your key quantum use cases, build a proof-of-concept plan, train up your end users

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Quantum PoC

Build a working prototype or proof-of-concept using real application data, scope out production application roadmap

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Production Pilot

Build, test, and deploy a production application using a phased approach

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In Production

Deploy a live application at full production scale